Sunday, March 12, 2017

She awakens*

She awakens
a bright white light
you can see

the depth
of her curves
grey in contrast

She awakens
in exquisite contour
under the blanket of an inky sky

to let us know that she is near

She awakens
as perfect light
all the colors
violet, indigo, blue, ocean, green, yellow, gold, orange, red, magenta
powerful white light
to lead the way

in the darkest of nights
with halogen
fluorescent yellow lights all around

newly dried concrete buildings trying
to stifle her beauty
trying to conceal her
her magnificence

her loving nature

yet her white gardenia
eyes blossom

She awakens
She awakens

They call the goddess of the forgotten at sea
The goddess of the night
La luna.
La Lua
La Lua

The full moon Saturday Night 03/11/17